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Dr. Geeta Nayyar, M.D., M.B.A., is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare information technology, a physician executive, a frequently sought-after public speaker, and an author with unique perspectives that bridge clinical medicine, business, communications, and digital health. Learn More

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A nationally recognized Leader in healthcare information technology as well as a board-certified practicing physician

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Dr. Geeta Nayyar Is One Of Healthcare’s Changemakers

Selected as one of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s Digital Influencers

HIMSS supports the healthcare changemakers who support and innovate in their communities. Changemakers are innovators who rigorously challenge the status quo in their journey to build a brighter health future for everyone, everywhere. Dr. Geeta Nayyar was selected as in the inaugural class of HIMSS Digital Influencers.

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Dr. Nayyar holds memberships and committee appointments in several professional organizations including the American College of Rheumatology and the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems.

She regularly addresses major industry forums and currently serves as a member of the advisory board of the Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS).

Dr. Nayyar has held a diverse range of clinical and executive roles across the healthcare industry, giving her a unique perspective bridging clinical medicine, business, communications and health technology.

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